Sunday, September 27, 2015


   It might be just me but have you noticed that watching the news everything is repeated on the bottom 1/3 of the screen. Why have a picture if you can see it. Some screens also 1/4 of the picture cover with what's coming up next.

   Coming up next, by the way, means the end of the program. When something they think is important happens, they beat it to death for weeks, why.

   Thank god for the internet or I would go crazy, maybe it's too late for me, my tin foil hat keeps falling off my bald head.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The russians are coming....

   I guess the Russians didn't learn from Afghanistan the last  time, so why are we so upset. I'm sure the people back home are all for this(?).

The soldiers, all I can say is good luck and I hope you don't have a Veterans Adm like ours....

Monday, March 04, 2013

FUNNUY FEELING...............

     As I write this the goverment is starting to cut the budget. The Damcrats are happy because it makes the Republicants look like wingnuts and the Republicants are happy because they got their cuts.

     Do you get the feeling that Obama let this go so he could get cuts and make the Republicants look nuts. 

     Do you get the feeling the Republicants don't care because they have what they want and don't care what people think.

     Everyone is coming out of this with a win but the people. Makes me think maybe we all work for the Gov and not ourselves.

     Do you think cutting the budget will be something we do till the end of time. The more Million/Billionaires move out and dump their citizenship I get a bad feeling.

     One day we will wake up with no money and a country no one will invade!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is the GOP for real?

   Sad to say but the GOP has found the worst of the party to put up for election! The "Tea Party" has taken it away from us old folks and dumped a pile of idiots right in the middle.

   Obama has not been great but with the wack-o's in congress I'm surprised he hasn't left the country. These people have no clue or due they?

   I think that the far right wants to change the very way this country operates, from bottom to top. A return to 1870 would serve them well. Robber barons, monopoly's, no EPA, no vote for women and a war every few years to keep the middle class population under control. What an ideal place for some of these front runners.

   As time goes by, one doesn't know if you should laugh or cry.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


  The people at Own Wall Street are in my opinion, the new wave of real Americans.

  Americans with a dream of a great country again, not just the biggest power in the world but the America that the world used to dream about. Their are a lot of people out their who don't like us at all, for good reason. The ten year long war is part but the Big Banks are a large part too.

  I think we, the people, can still control the Army but Big Banks are another thing. 

   We seem to have lost the power to the people that this country was founded on. Now its power to the money.

   How sad. Power to the people!! Good luck OWS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


     Looking over the group of the above, one thing comes to mind, this could be the best election yet. I can hardly wait for the debate over masturbation and getting rid of social security, Medicare, Medicaid, underemployment insurance, this will be great.
     Letting the Banks loose so the can help us!? War with Iran because-because I don't know just because!? Tax only the bottom 97% of the people!? Preexisting Condition to bad, die!? 
     I hope they will show them live so we can see that these people are all of the above!!!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


It never ceases to amaze me how wrapping ones self in the flag and eating apple pie with a shout out to "JESUS" can turn you in to a leader.

Not that this guy doesn't have some points but they should be kept in the hospital he should be in.
I found this on the net and is a good sum up of the new stink in the land----

The Glenn Beck Magic Revival Hour is over now. The concession stands have sold out of "Freedumb Pop," while Believers shout hosannas and praise the "Word" as revealed to Beck from the burning sagebrush of John Wayne's sacred spirit.

The great Oz Media has analyzed, punditized, commercialized and celebritized the Archie and Veronica of moral mediocrity, proving once again that if it sparkles like shallow water in sunlight it must be worth ratings.

There is nothing new here, nothing even original. Joe Pyne did it in the late 1950s, Billy Sunday and Aimee Semple McPherson did it in the 1920s, and my friend's dad, Cleon Skousen, warned all of us, America's children and parents, that creeping Communism and Sputnik and rock 'n' roll would bring about the downfall of America unless we joined the John Birch Society.

The country is awash in Commies and Sinners. The End Times are upon us. Again.

Sing a hymn. Say a prayer. And send a dollar for God's profit - Glenn.

The great American stupid goes on and on.

People died in Afghanistan today.

Equipment at a construction site for a new mosque in Tennessee was set on fire.

Americans continue to lose jobs and houses with little relief on the horizon.

The GOP plans to hold probes into possible impeachable offenses by the Obama Administration if they win the midterms. Or at least shut down government.

But hey, a bible-thumping millionaire bunko artist set up his Chautauqua tent on television and spoke in tongues and that is twice as cool as life and death.

God bless America.

In the name of the Holy Trinity: Larry, Curly and Moe -

Good luck on the ride down with this guy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I didn't think about it but with good Tea comes good ideas. The Tea Party has truly some of our greatest leaders with ideas that are soo simple, its a wonder the Damcrats haven't used them for their evil push to Socialism. As most, but not all, Socialism simply means you are your brothers keeper.

One of these ideas is to take the Money in the Social Security fund and put it it the stock market. Wow so simple, we all know how well the market has done!! This would put money right in the pockets of big bankers and invest banks and one of the best people real estate investment funds!!! This would stop the big give away by Obama. As new money, yours, is sent to the market its bound to give you a REAL retirement account. I bet you can't what till that first CITIBANK letter hits your mail box!!!

Oh the joy knowing that you as a contributor is helping in the great bonus battle on wall street. I know that some day we will hit $300,000,000 for the head man at our SOC SEC investment!!!!

Make you proud to be American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

FREE TRADE-WHATS THAT-------------------

It the rocket guy , something new------------------------

I really hate to agree with Senator Gregg and his crowd on economics policy, but...

But… maybe he has a point. I don’t think the dole can support us for very much longer. Well, not without higher taxes on somebody.

The politicians of the free market crowd don't really want to talk about the basic problem with American unemployment, because American voters don’t want to hear about it. They just can’t tolerate the most basic free market fact... that you can't have a world wide "free" market economic system and expect that the jobs supporting that economy won't migrate to those nations with the cheapest wages (if they can do the work). Maybe our politicians don't understand this basic fact, but I think many do... they just don't want to talk about it with the voter.

I mean a "real" free market system of course, which we do not currently have. In our current world wide marketplace some nations are allowed to have tariffs on imports and other nations are not. Some nations are allowed to manipulate their currencies and others are not. And some nations are allowed to join price fixing cartels and others are not. I guess it's a "sort of, kind of" free market, but these distortions of “free” market just exacerbate the unemployment problem for we Americans.

And “our” government… America’s government, nominally… just goes along with the selling out of American interests. Why? Well, some nations are allowed, even encouraged, to buy our politicians... even whole branches of government. On a shared basis, you understand, sort of like a time share condo. Maybe that’s why!

And I also mean real jobs... hands on jobs… where workers take something, do something useful to it, and produce something else that is worth more in the market place. And the workers get at least a portion of that value added to build a life on.

Value added can consist of ideas and inventions, designs and applications of new technologies, and services, and all of the other wonderfulness of third wave economics. It probably shouldn't include fraudulent securities, but that's another matter.

But I don't believe we Americans can have an economy based solely on ideas and services. For one thing many of our workers are not equipped to participate in that economy. What shall we do for them? The dole maybe? And for another, many workers in other nations are so equipped. Americans are not the only smart, creative… and now educated… people in the world!

I don’t really believe most American workers are married to a free market system… or even understand the implications pro or con. We just want our toys cheap and now! But in the broader sense, we Americans, at less than 5 per cent of the world’s population, can't continue to consume in excess of 30 per cent of the world's production of resources, goods and services. Not forever; not even for much longer. Eventually the workers of other nations will come to understand that they deserve a bigger piece of the pie. After all, they're the ones actually making most of the pie now. Actually, I think they have already come to understand that… thanks to the world wide web!

Well, we’ve had our century of economic dominance. It's probably over. We are no longer the 800 pound gorilla in the economic room… probably only a 400 pounder now… and likely to lose a lot more weight soon! Not because of intrinsic weaknesses of our system, but because of carelessness and stupidity on our part. We stood by and watched as our industrial base was sold out from under us. We believed what we read about the peerless CEOs saving our corporations… by terminating their research arms, firing all of middle management, and selling off any left over profit making elements piecemeal. It’s called the “going out of business“ curve, but it makes the stock market happy… and that leads to big executive pay packages.

And we allowed our leaders, including our labor union leaders, to convince us that we could continue to have more and more goods for less and less effort. We bought in to that lie because we wanted to.

Worst of all, we allowed our government to be purchased pretty much outright.

The Judd Gregg crowd of congressmen and senators (republican and democrat) believe that the free market will solve our unemployment problem if we’ll just let it work. They don’t know how… they just know it will. What other hope have they? And we make fun of dear Sarah Palin for believing so many myths.

Of course the free market could solve this problem… with a lot of pain for the American worker. We just have to accept that working 10 or 12 hour days for $10 or $15 a day is a solution. That’s the competition! That’s the free market.

Many (most?) of the currently unemployed will not ever attain the wages and benefits they held before the Bush/Cheney economic collapse… if they get any job at all. We are going to have to accept lower wages and benefits if we want jobs in the new world economy.

We need to create some 20 or 40 million new jobs over the next year or so to solve this problem. It depends on what you mean by "solve"? That's really just not credible. So maybe the republicans are right with their modest proposal… we should just shut off unemployment benefits now and let the free market do its job. Otherwise, living on the dole is going to be life as we know it for a lot of Americans for a long time to come.

Of course, we are still the world's only military superpower. We could try “conquer and pillage” as an economic system. It kept the Romans in bread and circuses for centuries!

We have pissed away our inheritance from our forefathers. Get used to it!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

DON'T GET ME MAD-----------------

The pice below is from my brother in law, a rocket scientist. We agree on most things but this little blow-out I agree 100%. Read and enjoy or jump out the nearest window------------------

President Obama is flying down to Lousiana today to hold Govenor Jindal's hand again, and give him some air time, while getting some for himself as well... in self defense I suppose.
Let me review the bidding here.
We're at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have been for pushing up on 10 years... no end in sight! We have spent ourselves into poverty to maintain the Bush/Cheney Iraqi misadventure! Now we have to go back and fix the mess we left behind in Afghanistan.
Our most important ally in this mess, Pakistan, is politically unstable and subject to an internal Islamic insurgency of its own... read: terrorist attacks almost daily. They don't even control all of their own country for Allah's sake.
Oh, and Pakistan has nuclear weapons and the missiles with which to deliver them... at least as far as their favorite enemy, India... another ally of ours, which also has nuclear weapons and the missiles with which to deliver them!
Oh, and all of our other allies over there are packing up and heading home.
Oh, and war between the two Koreas may break out at any moment. We would be involved there from the very beginning, in support of South Korea... and to protect Japan, and Taiwan. North Korea has nuclear weapons that sort of work, and the missiles with which to deliver them to somewhere in the South... or maybe to Japan or Taiwan... who knows. North Korea also has the fourth largest standing army in the world. They also have a absolute dictator who is certifiably insane, and who is dying and who knows it. Dangerous? I guess!
Meanwhile, unemployment in our country is still around 10 per cent thanks to Bush and Cheney and Wall Street. Except that it's really more like 15 per cent, or maybe 20 per cent if you actually count everybody who hasn't got a decent job paying enough to live on. On the other hand, inflation is well below the traditional 3 per cent, except that it's really more like 10 per cent if you've been shopping in the past few years. Or if you just include things like food and fuel for your car and your furnace in your calculation. Government statistics are magic, aren't they?
Many of the unemployed have been without a job for over a year... and many of their jobs are never coming back. Our companies are going out of business every day... selling their names and logos to the Chinese. It's really hard to find an American made product any more, other than fraudulent securities.
Many of the unemployed are middle aged and they will never work again at the level they had attained before the Bush/Cheney economic collapse. Many of the long term unemployed are now unemployable at the jobs they lost. They will be replaced, if at all, by younger workers at lower cost. Luckily we have at least two classes of college graduates to fill in any gaps in the labor pool... classes of 2009 and 2010, who are mostly unemployed and living at home on mom and dad, who aren't retiring just yet after all.
That's in America! Where the economy is recovering... maybe... we think? Of course, California is bankrupt and will soon have to admit it. So? Well, California... if it were a country... would have the 8th biggest economy in the world. I suspect the collapse of the 8th biggest economy in the world might have dire consequences for the rest of us? As if that's not enough, most of the other states are in the same straights and surviving on federal money of one kind or another.
A little further afield, the economy of the Eurozone... ie, the rest of the Christian West... is teetering on the brink of total collapse, probably taking us down with them. But they are awfully busy just trying to stay Christian and Western, what with all the Islamic immigrants they have absorbed... who are not about to become Christian or Western.... or in any way modern. The 14th century was good enough for them! And maybe it was better... at least the Catholic Church hadn't yet adopted pederasty as a sacrament.
With all of the European players in such deep trouble the entire world economic system is threatened. Another major player, Japan, has been in a depression for some 10 years now. If the western economic system collapses we will get to experience Japan's pain up close and personal, and for many years to come.
Of course, these are just a few of the 'difficulties' we face as a nation. We have our own insurgents running around in the forests of America, others building bombs here and there, and yet other nut cases arming themselves to the teeth to go out to a restaurant for supper. We even grow our own Islamic terrorists now... although not very accomplished ones... so far. They'll get better... American exceptionalism will come to the fore eventually.
With all of these potential disasters on his plate President Obama is forced to fly back down to Louisiana to hold Govenor Jindal's hand... again. Forced to engage in this political circus by the news media who have all jumped on the the "too cerebral and detached" bandwagon. Apparently he should have grabbed a wet suit and scooted right down there to lend a helping hand at the well head.
By the way, that's Governor 'Bobby"Jendal of Louisiana... that staunch anti-government, anti-socialism, anti-Obama "conservative" who threatened to decline any of the Obama stimulus package money. He of course accepted the money anyway. He did so after he got lots of air time showing off his staunchness... like most anti-government, anti-socialism, anti-Obama republican governors did. Now he wants more... more money, more government, maybe even a little more socialism. Oh... and more off shore drilling... "Drill baby, drill!"
The ineducable simply will not learn! It is Louisiana after all.
Clearly the run-away gulf coast oil spill is a real and unmitigated disaster. And yes, the President needed to fly down there, see what was to be seen with his own eyes, and talk to the local folks to learn what he could about the effects of this mess on real people. And to give those people some encouragement. He did that already!
The media has made up this issue to fill air time... there simply wasn't enough controversy floating around since most Americans understood immediately that this is a catastrophe and the oil industry is at fault. And the media have given everybody who wants a little air time the opportunity to vent... whether they have anything to contribute or not. It does fill the air.
And after creating this additional demand on the President's time, they now have the gall to assert that his trip is "just political". Say what! Of course it is. But it wouldn't even be necessary if the media hadn't needed more controversy to fill air.
Well, to slightly misquote a favorite republican wit: "The news media is not the solution to our problem; the media is the problem."

PS: Even the "seal it with a nuclear bomb" crowd got a day in the lime light. Just imagine.... little gobs of crude oil, heavily laced with radioactive caesium, floating onto our beaches. That would put a real hitch in Lousiana's get along... for several centuries.

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

No tea for me..........

Following the tea party is like following the circus, you never know what you will find on the ground. Little things like the truth.
I find that the tea party is so full of the great "right-wing" half truths that you don't know if you should laugh cry or kill yourself.
This group of people may(god forbid) be a power in the mid-term elections. If their are, what will happen??
TAX'S- no taxes, let every body take care of their own problems.
WAR- yes we need one, its good for business, Obama may stop the TWO going on now.
HEALTH- I fell fine, the hell with everybody else.
GOD-in every school.
GUNS-every one gets one but the blacks, Mexicans and any one with skin darker than mine.

Like I said, due you laugh cry or kill yourself?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sad to say buts Obama has lost his power to congress. This mean that NOTHING well get dun. With all the power at the start, he didn't use it. I think that is because he does not know how.

With all the things coming up (WAR) I see no hope of get his power base back. To think that the right-wing fool's and bankers will run the country agine is scary.

Canada looks better all the time.

Friday, February 13, 2009


One of the worst commercials on the tube right now is the glade candle one. This has three or four women in it who visit a Friend who uses the candles. She tries to pass them off as Franck scented candle. Please, have you ever smelled a French candle. Believe me I won't want to. Take this off the tube.
The couple in bed getting ready to have sex are mixing oils of some kind that sets you crouch on fire with love. Give me a break, if you need to mix up a bunch of oil to make love then we are in deep trouble. Take this back to the lb!!!!!!
Beer, Rum, Vodka ads are great. People have a good time , grabbing women starting fights, all the fun things that come with drinking. Then they say Please drink reasonably. A no brainier off the air.
All sports ads, the music is better than the sport. Why do they have half naked girl on the side lines in the game is so good. Get a clue. Seeing which team uses the most drugs is not fun TV.
With over 300 channels to watch, 100 are sports, 20 "GOD CHANNELS", 50 buy how and 30 channels in some other language then mine(ENGLISH) we get down to 50 or so to watch.We finely find one to look at and the commercials are CRAP.
Thank God for TV RECORDERS.