Sunday, August 22, 2010


I didn't think about it but with good Tea comes good ideas. The Tea Party has truly some of our greatest leaders with ideas that are soo simple, its a wonder the Damcrats haven't used them for their evil push to Socialism. As most, but not all, Socialism simply means you are your brothers keeper.

One of these ideas is to take the Money in the Social Security fund and put it it the stock market. Wow so simple, we all know how well the market has done!! This would put money right in the pockets of big bankers and invest banks and one of the best people real estate investment funds!!! This would stop the big give away by Obama. As new money, yours, is sent to the market its bound to give you a REAL retirement account. I bet you can't what till that first CITIBANK letter hits your mail box!!!

Oh the joy knowing that you as a contributor is helping in the great bonus battle on wall street. I know that some day we will hit $300,000,000 for the head man at our SOC SEC investment!!!!

Make you proud to be American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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