Monday, August 30, 2010


It never ceases to amaze me how wrapping ones self in the flag and eating apple pie with a shout out to "JESUS" can turn you in to a leader.

Not that this guy doesn't have some points but they should be kept in the hospital he should be in.
I found this on the net and is a good sum up of the new stink in the land----

The Glenn Beck Magic Revival Hour is over now. The concession stands have sold out of "Freedumb Pop," while Believers shout hosannas and praise the "Word" as revealed to Beck from the burning sagebrush of John Wayne's sacred spirit.

The great Oz Media has analyzed, punditized, commercialized and celebritized the Archie and Veronica of moral mediocrity, proving once again that if it sparkles like shallow water in sunlight it must be worth ratings.

There is nothing new here, nothing even original. Joe Pyne did it in the late 1950s, Billy Sunday and Aimee Semple McPherson did it in the 1920s, and my friend's dad, Cleon Skousen, warned all of us, America's children and parents, that creeping Communism and Sputnik and rock 'n' roll would bring about the downfall of America unless we joined the John Birch Society.

The country is awash in Commies and Sinners. The End Times are upon us. Again.

Sing a hymn. Say a prayer. And send a dollar for God's profit - Glenn.

The great American stupid goes on and on.

People died in Afghanistan today.

Equipment at a construction site for a new mosque in Tennessee was set on fire.

Americans continue to lose jobs and houses with little relief on the horizon.

The GOP plans to hold probes into possible impeachable offenses by the Obama Administration if they win the midterms. Or at least shut down government.

But hey, a bible-thumping millionaire bunko artist set up his Chautauqua tent on television and spoke in tongues and that is twice as cool as life and death.

God bless America.

In the name of the Holy Trinity: Larry, Curly and Moe -

Good luck on the ride down with this guy!

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