Saturday, June 05, 2010

DON'T GET ME MAD-----------------

The pice below is from my brother in law, a rocket scientist. We agree on most things but this little blow-out I agree 100%. Read and enjoy or jump out the nearest window------------------

President Obama is flying down to Lousiana today to hold Govenor Jindal's hand again, and give him some air time, while getting some for himself as well... in self defense I suppose.
Let me review the bidding here.
We're at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have been for pushing up on 10 years... no end in sight! We have spent ourselves into poverty to maintain the Bush/Cheney Iraqi misadventure! Now we have to go back and fix the mess we left behind in Afghanistan.
Our most important ally in this mess, Pakistan, is politically unstable and subject to an internal Islamic insurgency of its own... read: terrorist attacks almost daily. They don't even control all of their own country for Allah's sake.
Oh, and Pakistan has nuclear weapons and the missiles with which to deliver them... at least as far as their favorite enemy, India... another ally of ours, which also has nuclear weapons and the missiles with which to deliver them!
Oh, and all of our other allies over there are packing up and heading home.
Oh, and war between the two Koreas may break out at any moment. We would be involved there from the very beginning, in support of South Korea... and to protect Japan, and Taiwan. North Korea has nuclear weapons that sort of work, and the missiles with which to deliver them to somewhere in the South... or maybe to Japan or Taiwan... who knows. North Korea also has the fourth largest standing army in the world. They also have a absolute dictator who is certifiably insane, and who is dying and who knows it. Dangerous? I guess!
Meanwhile, unemployment in our country is still around 10 per cent thanks to Bush and Cheney and Wall Street. Except that it's really more like 15 per cent, or maybe 20 per cent if you actually count everybody who hasn't got a decent job paying enough to live on. On the other hand, inflation is well below the traditional 3 per cent, except that it's really more like 10 per cent if you've been shopping in the past few years. Or if you just include things like food and fuel for your car and your furnace in your calculation. Government statistics are magic, aren't they?
Many of the unemployed have been without a job for over a year... and many of their jobs are never coming back. Our companies are going out of business every day... selling their names and logos to the Chinese. It's really hard to find an American made product any more, other than fraudulent securities.
Many of the unemployed are middle aged and they will never work again at the level they had attained before the Bush/Cheney economic collapse. Many of the long term unemployed are now unemployable at the jobs they lost. They will be replaced, if at all, by younger workers at lower cost. Luckily we have at least two classes of college graduates to fill in any gaps in the labor pool... classes of 2009 and 2010, who are mostly unemployed and living at home on mom and dad, who aren't retiring just yet after all.
That's in America! Where the economy is recovering... maybe... we think? Of course, California is bankrupt and will soon have to admit it. So? Well, California... if it were a country... would have the 8th biggest economy in the world. I suspect the collapse of the 8th biggest economy in the world might have dire consequences for the rest of us? As if that's not enough, most of the other states are in the same straights and surviving on federal money of one kind or another.
A little further afield, the economy of the Eurozone... ie, the rest of the Christian West... is teetering on the brink of total collapse, probably taking us down with them. But they are awfully busy just trying to stay Christian and Western, what with all the Islamic immigrants they have absorbed... who are not about to become Christian or Western.... or in any way modern. The 14th century was good enough for them! And maybe it was better... at least the Catholic Church hadn't yet adopted pederasty as a sacrament.
With all of the European players in such deep trouble the entire world economic system is threatened. Another major player, Japan, has been in a depression for some 10 years now. If the western economic system collapses we will get to experience Japan's pain up close and personal, and for many years to come.
Of course, these are just a few of the 'difficulties' we face as a nation. We have our own insurgents running around in the forests of America, others building bombs here and there, and yet other nut cases arming themselves to the teeth to go out to a restaurant for supper. We even grow our own Islamic terrorists now... although not very accomplished ones... so far. They'll get better... American exceptionalism will come to the fore eventually.
With all of these potential disasters on his plate President Obama is forced to fly back down to Louisiana to hold Govenor Jindal's hand... again. Forced to engage in this political circus by the news media who have all jumped on the the "too cerebral and detached" bandwagon. Apparently he should have grabbed a wet suit and scooted right down there to lend a helping hand at the well head.
By the way, that's Governor 'Bobby"Jendal of Louisiana... that staunch anti-government, anti-socialism, anti-Obama "conservative" who threatened to decline any of the Obama stimulus package money. He of course accepted the money anyway. He did so after he got lots of air time showing off his staunchness... like most anti-government, anti-socialism, anti-Obama republican governors did. Now he wants more... more money, more government, maybe even a little more socialism. Oh... and more off shore drilling... "Drill baby, drill!"
The ineducable simply will not learn! It is Louisiana after all.
Clearly the run-away gulf coast oil spill is a real and unmitigated disaster. And yes, the President needed to fly down there, see what was to be seen with his own eyes, and talk to the local folks to learn what he could about the effects of this mess on real people. And to give those people some encouragement. He did that already!
The media has made up this issue to fill air time... there simply wasn't enough controversy floating around since most Americans understood immediately that this is a catastrophe and the oil industry is at fault. And the media have given everybody who wants a little air time the opportunity to vent... whether they have anything to contribute or not. It does fill the air.
And after creating this additional demand on the President's time, they now have the gall to assert that his trip is "just political". Say what! Of course it is. But it wouldn't even be necessary if the media hadn't needed more controversy to fill air.
Well, to slightly misquote a favorite republican wit: "The news media is not the solution to our problem; the media is the problem."

PS: Even the "seal it with a nuclear bomb" crowd got a day in the lime light. Just imagine.... little gobs of crude oil, heavily laced with radioactive caesium, floating onto our beaches. That would put a real hitch in Lousiana's get along... for several centuries.

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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